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Break It Down Experiments: Velocity & Friction (#GH4133)
Break It Down Experiments: Velocity & Friction DVD

Our Price: $39.95
Media Type: DVD
Run Time: 23 minutes
Grade Level: 5-12
ISBN: 978-1-61867-004-5
UPC: 631865413324

Product Code: GH4133

A series that makes the mundane fascinating.

Journey into our sewage systems, down elevator shafts, into Hollywood movie scenes, and through traffic jams to explore the mechanical, electrical and chemical components needed to make things happen! A program that answers the question: "How does that really work?"

Students and teacher will understand the science behind the most basic functions that we take for granted.
STEM curriculum resource
23-minute classroom friendly run time

Velocity & Friction
What happens to the stuff we flush and how do velocity and friction factor into this system? Get down and dirty and see how the sewer systems rely on these elements of force to make the whole system work. Amazing tracking gadgets journey through the sewer system hot on the trail of the "flushed."

  • Gravity
  • Matter & Energy
  • Biology & Ecosystems
  • Velocity & Friction
  • Force's Magnitude & Direction
  • Motion & Impact

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