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Guidance Systems Character Building Series (#GH4486)
Guidance Systems Character Building Series

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Our Price: $359.95
Media Type: 5 DVDs + Guide
Run Time: 76 minutes
Grade Level: 3-12
ISBN: 631865486922
UPC: 978-1-61867-216-2

Product Code: GH4486


Includes 5 DVDs and a CD-Rom with Complete Lesson Plans.

5 video programs plus a digital workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resources corresponding to each video.

  • Video programs plus a digital workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resources corresponding to each video
  • Identifies age-appropriate solutions to each issue
  • Content written and reviewed by a team of professionals, including counselors, psychologists and educators
  • Includes Full Public Performance Rights
  • Same quality video content and extensive ancillary material as our award-winning Teaching Systems programs

Say NO with Pride
Youngsters will understand that to feel comfortable and safe sometimes means saying “no”. This program teaches that when you do you’ll feel better – this is called pride. By the end students will be taught ways to say “no” with confidence and stand proud.

Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts
This program explains and provides coping mechanisms to fight against rumors, gossip, and teasing. Young students are taught that teasing and taunting can cause anger, but there are healthy ways to defuse the anger and avoid people who harass. Students are also taught to say something if they see others being bullied or picked on because it hurts!

Drugs & Alcohol and Your Choice
True to life scenarios describe the consequences of using over-the-counter and prescription drugs, alcohol and marijuana. A teen host explains how drugs affect everyone’s bodies differently – and all drugs needs to be taken seriously. This program shows the serious and life threatening consequences caused by abusing drugs and the power of choice.

Gay, Straight & Accepted
Sexual attraction can make life confusing. Through the perspective of a straight teenager, we meet students coming to terms with how they feel. Noel became extremely depressed because she did not know how to deal with being a lesbian. We meet Sam, who is a victim of homophobic harassment. He overcomes the bullying by building a support team. In the end students will realize that sexual orientation should not be isolating.

There’s Always Help: Suicide Prevention
At some point everyone goes through very stressful and anxious situations. Sometimes teens may feel like their situations are hopeless and relief is to escape through suicide. This is what this program will discuss: The warning signs, what can we do to help prevent it and what happens when we are faced with someone close to committing suicide?
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  • Producer - Cerebellum Corporation

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