Dinosaurs - Lifestyles of the Big and Carnivorous (#001050706)
Dinosaurs - Lifestyles of the Big and Carnivorous (#001050706)

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Media Type: DVD
Run Time: 60 minutes
Grade Level: 9-12
ISBN: 1-58198-145-7
UPC: 631865037230

Product Code: 001050706

Copyright 2005

Guess what’s coming to dinner? Check out the “big and carnivorous” dinosaurs, and well as their even “bigger and vegetarian” cousins from Earth’s recent past! Dispel dino-myths and uncover fun-filled facts about these mysterious creatures!

Learn the answers to the following questions and more!
What were dinosaurs like and how long did they live?
Can a dinosaur really be created from DNA?
How did dinosaurs take care of their young?
Why did they die out…or did they?

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  • Producer - Cerebellum Corporation

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