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Real Life Teens: Drug Abuse Beyond Marijuana & Alcohol - Crossing The Thin Line (#CE2577)
Real Life Teens: Drug Abuse Beyond Marijuana & Alcohol - Crossing The Thin Line DVD

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Media Type: DVD
Run Time: 18 minutes
Grade Level: 8-12
ISBN: 709629023833
UPC: 709629023833

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Product Code: CE2577

Copyright 2008

Today's Teens are more likely to abuse prescription and over the counter medications than many illegal drugs. This is often referred to as "pharming." Abuse of these drugs to get "high" is now an entrenched behavior among todays Teen population. Along with this behavior, Teens are exposed to date rape and other powerful mind altering drugs at an alarming level. With the use of these drugs, Teens are experiencing black outs, becoming unconscious and in some cases, losing their lives.

Subjects Covered Include:
How do these Drugs affect the user
The long term effects of Drug use
GHB & Rohypnol
Street names for GHB & Rohypnol
The effects of Ecstasy or MDMA
Abusing prescription medication
Methamphetamine or "Meth"
Inhalant Abuse
Teens on Steroids
Dangerous Drug impurities

About This Series:
The Real Life Teens series is an unbiased and realistic look from the perspective of teens, at the wide variety of issues teens face today featuring young teenagers telling their real stories, in their own words. The series discusses significant issues in adolescent society and cuts through many barriers with its honest and relevant advice and information.

A revolutionary Guidance series, Real Life Teens offers unprecedented access into the hidden teen world that's insightful, fascinating and provocative. Told from the perspective of teens, with input from teachers and school personnel, our young subjects confront the trauma and drama of coping and surviving in today's often confusing world. We all know that communicating with teens can be difficult - they often do not like to be talked to by "adults" - but they do listen to what their peer group is saying and thinking. This is the rationale behind Real Life Teens.

Each program is designed to provoke thought and conversation amongst teens about topics many find unable to voice & to show students their particular issue is shared by many others. This ground-breaking series should be part of every schools resources as well as Libraries, peer support groups, teen clubs, mental health and social service agencies and media resource centers.

Rated - Not Rated
Additional Information
  • Producer - TMW Media
  • Series - Real Life Teens
  • Subject - Guidance
  • Category: Teen Guidance
  • Sub-Category: Drug/Alcohol Education
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Public Performance Rights - Yes

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