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Just the Facts: It's About Time: Time in Your World DVD (#GH1809)
Just the Facts: It's About Time: Time in Your World DVD

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Media Type: DVD
Run Time: 60 Minutes
Grade Level: PreK-2
ISBN: 1-59443-284-8
UPC: 743452180929

Product Code: GH1809

Copyright 2007

Just The Facts™It’s About Time is a two-volume series that helps children understand how we measure time in our daily lives and how we measure historic time. The series explores concepts of time and chronology and explains in simple terms units of time measurement.

Time in Your World explores time as it relates to our everyday lives–time to get up, time for school, lunchtime, bedtime, daytime, nighttime. The program explains how clock hands measure time in hours, minutes, and seconds and how to tell time. The video also illustrates the difference between analog and digital clocks and explains the concept of a.m. and p.m.

The program then discusses how calendars measure time in days, weeks, months, and years and explains the relationship between the passage of time marked by clocks and the time units measured by calendars. The concept of how Earth’s rotation around the sun creates day and night is presented.

Finally, the program explains the concepts of past, present, and future to help children understand time in their world.

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