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REMOVED: Just Chill! Dealing with Anger (2 Pack) (#1003831)
Just Chill! Dealing with Anger (2 Pack) (#1003831)

Our Price: $119.95
Media Type: DVD + CD Guide
Run Time: 36 minutes
Grade Level: 7-12
ISBN: 1-59443-182-5
UPC: 743452830428

Availability:: No Longer Available
Product Code: 1003831

Copyright 1995

This program is designed to help streetwise students deal constructively with angry feelings. Uses scenarios and language students will recognize as straight out of their own lives to demonstrate that the loss of control that anger precipitates not only fails to bring about a desired goal, but can escalate into a dangerous situation. Shows viewers that they have the power to stay in control, presents techniques for dealing with anger.

In a series of scenarios, this program explains that anger can be a sign that something is wrong and needs correcting, a warning that someone's demands are excessive, or a signal that your rights or values are being compromised. A fist fight over a girl erupts between best friends. Furious at her mother for loading her down with responsibility, Marisa leaves home. Wrongfully accused of stealing, Emiko retaliates by doing just that. Unable to get a job, Julio lashes out.

Urging viewers to pay attention to their feelings so that anger doesn't sneak up on them, this program demonstrates techniques for coping: stay in control by staying calm; break anger's power to make you say and do things you later regret by turning to someone who can help; recognize that staying in control is better for self-esteem than retaliating; turn anger's destructive force around by channeling it into a positive direction.

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