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Just the Facts: The Human Body: Nervous System DVD (#GH1642)
Just the Facts: The Human Body: Nervous System DVD

Our Price: $14.98
Media Type: DVD
Run Time: 50 minutes
Grade Level: 7+
ISBN: 1-59443-614-2
UPC: 743452164226

Product Code: GH1642


Copyright 2001

Experts in neuroscience help us understand why the human brain is a marvel of structure and function. Viewers learn about left brain and right brain activities, and the purpose and function of the cerebellum, cerebrum, cranial nerves and other parts of the brain. The program also examines the interaction of the spinal cord and nerve endings, as well as fascinating concepts like involuntary and voluntary brain activity and reflex and feedback functions.

Viewers explore the five senses: our eyes, which transform shades of light into the phenomenon of sight; our ears, which convert variations in air pressure into hearing; our nerve endings, which translate contact to touch; and our tongues and noses which give us taste and smell. The sixth sense -- balance -- is also explained.

The Human Body -- The Nervous System offers fascinating insight into how our brain sets us apart from all other vertebrates. It gives us the ability to speak, reason, remember and engage in complex thought, as well as the capacity to feel compassion, sadness, anger, joy and love.

The Just the Facts Learning Series brings you the finest in educational programming and features a fast-paced format that makes learning fun. Other videos in The Human Body series include The Musculoskeletal System and Major Systems and Organs.

Rating: Not Rated
Additional Information
  • Studio: Cerebellum Corporation
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Region: All Regions

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