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DISCONTINUED: Talk It Out: Eating Disorders - Complete Set 3 DVDs (#CE2919)
Talk It Out: Eating Disorders - Complete Set DVD Series

Our Price: $399.00
Media Type: 3 DVDs
Run Time: 60 minutes
Grade Level: 7+
ISBN: 092388111799
UPC: 978-1-9369418-17-6

Availability:: Discontinued
Product Code: CE2919
No Longer Available

Copyright 2010

Did you know that millions and millions of people have an eating disorder? Of that number, 90% are women.

In this series, Suzanna, a young woman who has had an eating disorder since the age of 9, Shares her personal story and helps to introduce students to eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging and compulsive exercising. Throughout the series, therapists and counselors explain the warning signs, symptoms and health risks of eating disorders. Students will learn how eating disorders are serious yet treatable illnesses that can happen to anyone.

In addition, the program will examine the dangerous mindset that can arise when young people base their expectations for how their bodies should look based upon the "beautiful and glamorous" celebrities displayed in the media. Counselors will discuss how to develop realistic personal expectations and goals.

This program asks and helps to answer several questions: Do you or your friend have an eating disorder? Who can develop an eating disorder? By viewing this program, students will learn what they can do to help someone with an eating disorder and find out about the treatments that are available.
Additional Information
  • Producer - Mazzarella
    Languages - English
    Sound - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Technical - Single Layer Single Sided Full Screen

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