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Just the Facts: The Human Body: Major Systems & Organs DVD (#GH1641)
Just the Facts: The Human Body: Major Systems & Organs DVD

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Media Type: DVD
Run Time: 50 minutes
Grade Level: 7+
ISBN: 1-59443-613-4
UPC: 743452164127

Product Code: GH1641


Copyright 2001

Just the Facts: The Human Body: Major Systems & Organs

The human body is a wondrously complex machine made of flesh, bone, muscles, organs, blood vessels and highly specialized systems that function together to sustain life. This fascinating third part of The Human Body series examines the incredible "machine," from simple cells, to DNA, the body's building blocks of life, to the major systems and organs.

Using animation combined with live-action footage and commentary from medical specialists, this program illustrates how the major systems and organs function. Viewers learn how the reproductive system generates new life and how the stomach, intestines and other organs of the digestive system convert solid matter into the fuel of life. We also discover how the lungs and respiratory system take in oxygen that sustains life, and how the heart and circulatory system connect all body systems, providing a delivery system for the oxygen. In addition, the program explores the lymphatic, immune and other supporting systems. Finally, viewers explore the structure and functions of our skin, the body's largest organ, which protects us from the outside environment.

The Human Body -- Major Systems and Organs enhances viewers' understanding of the truly miraculous machine that is the human body.

The Just the Facts Learning Series brings you the finest in educational programming and features a fast-paced format that makes learning fun. Other videos in The Human Body series include The Musculoskeletal System and The Nervous System.

Rating: Not Rated
Additional Information
  • Studio: Cerebellum Corporation
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Region: All Regions

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