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The Truth About Alcohol (#1003883)
The Truth About Alcohol (#1003883)

Our Price: $119.95
Media Type: DVD + CD Guide
Run Time: 18 minutes
Grade Level: 5-9
UPC: 743452882526

Product Code: 1003883

Alerts students to the facts they need to know about alcohol -- what it is, how it acts on the body, and why young people are so vulnerable to its dangers. Encourages viewers to reexamine their ideas about alcohol, and helps them understand the problems caused by other people's alcohol abuse.

Opens with a typical situation in which teens might find themselves pressured to try alcohol. Calling a drink a drink, whether beer or wine cooler or whisky, discusses the way alcohol affects the body. Cites advertising's impact on teenage drinking habits, highlights alcohol's danger, especially when drinking and driving are involved.

Shows how Sarah avoids having to ride home with the drunken father of the children she is babysitting. Dramatizes an alcoholic family system, showing how each member plays a defined role. Lists sources of help for Children of Alcoholics. Concludes with a clear message to viewers: don't drink.

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