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My Body Belongs to Me (#1003836)
My Body Belongs to Me

Our Price: $79.95
Media Type: DVD + CD Guide
Run Time: 25 minutes
Grade Level: K-2
UPC: 743452835423

Product Code: 1003836

Copyright 1993

Designed to help young children protect themselves from the trauma of sexual abuse by making it clear that their body belongs to them. Using age-appropriate dialogue between a guidance counselor and two appealing puppets, and between the puppets and members of the live student audience, sensitively reinforces the idea that every child's body is private and that no one is allowed to touch it. Asserts that each child owns his or her body. Defines as private parts that area of the body covered by your bathing suit. Explains good touches, describes bad touches as making you feel "yucky" or weird. Stresses the three important things viewers should do if someone ever tries to give them bad touches. Warns against anyone who might call bad touches, "Our little secret." Declaring that no child ever needs to keep such a secret, advises viewers to tell a grown-up at once. A 32-page illustrated book, designed for parent/child use, reinforces the message.

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